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The students comprising of High school classes from Grade 8 to 10 form the Secondary School, the most crucial stage in a child’s academic life. The rigorous curriculum, building up a system of core values, to emerge as a responsible citizen who can contribute to global changes and economy, to acquire life skills that make the child an independent life-long learner is all that makes her/his life in High School complex, yet a very interesting experience.

The students are aided to discover their own potential latent in them and make use of it to the fullest. They develop a holistic approach to life. On the whole, the all round development of a child’s personality takes shape here, as the child graduates to become a full fledged young adult prepared to take on the mantle of responsibilities of a worthy global citizen in its true spirit.

Students' counselling is aimed at assisting students with personal, academic or social concern by providing counselling outreach and consultation services for helping them to reach their full potential, and assisting them to be more successful in their lives. It reduces their stress and improve their mental capacity. It is totally personalized counselling with an individual child.  

Children are exposed to different activities to make balanced growth through modern teaching methods. They are very privileged to acquire knowledge at JIPS through feel free environment. Modern equipments are provided to gain practical knowledge. Teachers are available 9am to 6pm to illuminate their doubts. Parents are allowed between 4pm to 5pm to seek advice from teachers regarding child's development. 

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